Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winner announced! Have a merry whatever!

Wookie family photo on life day... ain't they cute!?And our winner this week is…. WURM!  Congrats you old fuddy duddy, you!  When we return from the winter break after new year’s, you will owe two words, so you better get on it!

Speaking of the new year, we here at the Random Words Art Challuunge (or R-WAC if you’re swanky) would like to sincerely and very optimistically wish you and yours a merry/happy/joyous season’s whatever.  We mean that.   We hope you all enjoy each other this winter season and celebrate the crap out of whatever it is you enjoy, be it this or that, celebrate like no one has ever celebrated!  Tis the season for friends, family and good cheer and beer, so raise a glass to your fellow human or pet or invisible alien pen-pal or Yule log lover in your life and give them a big, wet slobbery kiss from us! 

Also, we’d like to thank all those who participate in the Challuunges, all of those who vote, even those who stand idly by while everyone else votes and submits and forget to cast their votes, and to all those who just enjoy viewing the art.  Without you this would be a very lonely and desolate place, kind of like that ice planet in that sequel to that sci-fi movie that everyone is always talking about, and is debatably the best of the original three movies.  Anyway, thank you… that’s all we’re really sayin…

See you all back here after the winter break!

Vote. Create. Enjoy. Repeat.

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