Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We have a winner! Some inspiration, too…


And the winner is………. HOT ROD!  You pulled it out this week with determination and excecution!  Congrats to you!  Now, no pressure, but you owe two words by this Friday, so now you can post this up on your facespace page!  Woot!

As for this week’s words, here is your inspiration for GRAVE / FASHION.  See you all on Friday, 2pm!



This is something else right here… highly recomended!  This would make a great ringtone!

Unknown Good Dancing Artist - Grave Mistake:

They Might Be Giants – Dig My Grave:


How to dig a modern grave:




Sh*t Fashion Girls Say:


Henry Rollins – Spoken word – The Legend of the Mullet:

Lady Gaga – Telephone: