BIRD / DRYER is due this Friday!

This is just a friendly nag notice to remind you all that this Friday is the day of reckoning.  BIRD / DRYER will be due by 2pm, so ya may want to get ta crackin on something today.  Why not grab some crayola crayons and color a picture… I bet it’s been YEARS since you did that just for the fun of it… or maybe you could grab some wood from your backyard and spell out something, or nail em together to make a wood sculpture… you could buy a large block of ice and shave it with a knife, then urinate your name in it and pretend it is winter… I mean we really don’t need anything perfect, just a simple submission of something that sparks your creativity. 



The Cramps - Surfin' Bird (Essen 1998)


The Dryer Lint Song


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