Friday, April 12, 2013

ZOMBIE / ROBOT art is posted! Vote time!


Time again to gather up your boot straps and lean on the art challuunges for help and guidance in this thing we call life.  If you can’t solicit complete strangers for ideas in your life then who can you solicit… um… never mind. 

The weekend is also upon us!  So grab a luke warm beverage and enjoy some ice cold kimchee and look through the art challuunge submissions below.  There has been mucho blood sweat and tears shed to bring you the art this week, so pay careful mind to whom you chose as your victor… Thanks to everyone that threw in!  You all rule the world of challuunges!

Next week’s words will be:



And now, without any more shenanigans and distractions of the like… we bring you the art for ZOMBIE / ROBOT.



Mike Fritz:MikeFritz

Reno Geek:RenoGeek