HARLEQUIN/PHYLUM winner announced!

zwinner This week we have a tie for the winner!  With 27% of the vote each, DANimal and Reno Geek, you are our winners!  Congrats to you both.  Now, break out them Poke’mon cards and play to see how you decide on the words for next week.  Might I suggest you each choose one?  But it’s up to you’s… just have em in by Friday at 2pm.

As for this week’s words, SEA / BEAR, they are also due the same time…  So here is some inspirational stuff to inspire your inner… um, spire… yeah, that’s it.



Sally sells sea shells down by the sea side with safeway sangria and sassafrass sipping saline...




Bear... woods... fecal matter... you know... the important things...



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