There is a winner amongst us…


This week’s winner, with 33% of the votes, is Audrey!  Congrats Audrey!  Make sure to have one of your parents send in your two words by Friday!

So this week’s words are:



What say you!?!?


/swit/ [sweet]  adjective, sweet·er, sweet·est, adverb, noun

1.having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar, honey, etc.

2.producing the one of the four basic taste sensations that is not bitter, sour, or salt.

3.not rancid or stale; fresh: This milk is still sweet.

4.not salt or salted: sweet butter.

5.pleasing to the ear; making a delicate, pleasant, or agreeable sound; musical.

6.pleasing or fresh to the smell; fragrant; perfumed.

7.pleasing or agreeable; delightful.

8.amiable; kind or gracious, as a person, action, etc.

9.dear; beloved; precious.

10.easily managed; done or effected without effort.

11.(of wine) not dry; containing unfermented, natural sugar.

12.(of a cocktail) made with a greater proportion of vermouth than usual.

13.sentimental, cloying, or unrealistic: a sweet painting of little kittens.

14.(of air) fresh; free from odor, staleness, excess humidity, noxious gases, etc. from acidity or sourness, as soil.

16.Chemistry .

     a.devoid of corrosive or acidic substances.

     b.(of fuel oil or gas) containing no sulfur compounds.

17.(of jazz or big band music) performed with a regular beat, moderate tempo, lack of improvisation, and an emphasis on warm tone and clearly outlined melody.


/ˈlɛðər/ [leth-er]

1.the skin of an animal, with the hair removed, prepared for use by tanning or a similar process designed to preserve it against decay and make it pliable or supple when dry. article made of this material.

3.stirrup leather.


4.pertaining to, made of, or resembling leather: leather processing; leather upholstery.

5.Slang. catering to or patronized by customers who typically wear leather clothing, often as a means of signaling interest in or preference for sadomasochistic sexual activity.


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