Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This week’s winner is………..

We have yet another tie this week… with 28% of the votes apiece, congrats goes out to Kay and Wurm! Andrew was a very close second!  Kay, you have really been killin it lately!  Great work!  Thanks to all the challuungers and all of you that voted!  Kay and Wurm have until NEXT Friday to come up with the next week’s words. zWINNER

Don’t forget, we have an extended art challuunge this week, so we will meet up here NEXT Friday, November 30th, for the artwork for ANTIDOTE / BREAK

Enjoy your friends and family this holiday weekend.  I am sure we’ll be sending you some “reminder” “nag” emails periodically so you don’t forget the challuunge!  Hey, maybe someone will finally make an art challuunge out of turkey skin, pie tins and dried up mashed potatoes!  Or possibly someone will concoct a “leftover turkey bones” sculpture depicting the hidden meanings of the first five Shakespeare sonnets?  Who knows, there are limitless possibilities in this here world we share… have fun and we’ll meet up soon!