Friday, October 19, 2012

DA VINCI / TRON art is posted. Now VOTE!

art is revealed


Check out the art work that everyone has been working so diligently on all week… (and by working on all week, we mean crammed in shortly after today’s nag email went out)  It is posted for the voting…  Check out all the lovely submissions this week.  We’d like to thank each and everyone out there for your participation this week.  It is truly far-out that we have so many interested in creating just for the fun of it… and it shows in your enthusiasm.


And according to last week’s winners, next week’s words will be:


And now, the moment you have all been waiting for… this week’s art postings for you to vote on.  Click on the pic to enlarge, if you so desire.

Adina / Pineaple:AdinaPineaple


Cameron: Cameron

DANimal: DANimal 




Papercliphouse: Papercliphouse_DaVinci-Tron

Wurm: Wurm