Reminder… art is due this Friday…

"Hey you... pull my finger!" Hello all, it’s Uncle Art here… It’s just two short days until the final reveal of this week’s art challuunge.  Get your submissions in early for the 100th post!  Everything must go!  It’s a close out sale, so don’t miss out!  Here are the words you can chose from (pick 1 or up to 100, it’s up to you):

arithmetic  stranger  goose  map
bubble  Child  Movie  crayon
China  locket  Pug  pickle
Eyeliner  Tomb  Factory  cherries
clover  Rusted  Treasure  kite
feet  home  advice  Alien
pocket  joke  Food  Mantis
Claw  Tap  plane  Reef
Mummy  Hackensack  Knight  Rider
Crashing  Robotic  Bucket  boundary
Catapult  Zen  Heart  Explosion
Smoke  Scarecrow  Viking  cellar
Playing Card  Clump  meat  Off
Cat  Spirit  branch  Nautilus
daughter  Magic  book  thread
picture  Organ  patch  Dog
Opal  Fork  Glutted  Dionysus
afterthought  calendar  apple  Ancient
Homeless  Sculpture  Antlers  island
Metal  suit  cannon  London
Jellyfish  Music  anger  Symbiotic
cake  Sport  Comic Book  vein
tub  hall  hen  Rocket
Chainsaw  language  volleyball  Cast
reward  afternoon  action  Matador


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