Friday, July 22, 2011

Aesthetic / Foam artwork has been posted!

So check, a check, a check it out jahl… It’s Friday the 22nd… Friday the 13th’s completely average 2nd cousin!  I know what you are saying to yourself… self… what the hell is wrong with R-WAC?  Why are they making up days?  Well, never-you-mind, my friends… it’s all in good fun, I tell ya.  So the main point here is –> the art is up!  
First, here are next week’s words (thanks Wurm):

Element / Fiction

Time to vote on your favorite Aesthetic / Foam art piece, so, without further interruptions or shenanigans, this week’s art:

Adina Peterson:Adina_AestheticFoam

 Andrew Johanson:Andrew_AestheticFoam

 Wurm Deen: