Friday, June 17, 2011

Hamster/Leprechaun submissions are up!!!

Ok, peeps… It’s Friday, Friday… Gotta get down on Friday… why not kick back, throw your feet up on a rickety old ottoman, grab an ice cold carbonated beverage and a fist full of cinnamon toothpicks… it’s time to view this week’s R-WAC submissions.  Thanks to everyone that threw in this round, especially the two new comers: Pineaple and Paul… Great job, let’s keep the momentum going, shall we?

Next week’s words, chosen by Danny, will be:

Construction / Cherry

And now, we present to you… the submissions for HAMSTER/LEPRECHAUN.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to vote!!!

Adina Peterson #1:AdinaPeterson_Leprechaun Hamster 1

Adina Peterson #2:AdinaPeterson_Leprechaun Hamster 2

Danny Devine #1:


Danny Devine #2:DannyDevine2_Hampster_Leprechaun

Paul Kluka:PaulKluka_Hamsterchaun

Pineaple Guasch:Pineaple_Hamster_Leprechaun

Wurm Deen:wurm_hamster-leprechaun



PS…  Here is a late submission from Amber Burroughs.  Sorry we couldn’t get it in the voting, but here is her Hamster / Leprechaun submission: