Friday, May 27, 2011

The art for Comet / Villain is up to view! VOTE!

Ok kids and kiddies, it’s that time again… to see what the hell you people do in your free time at lunch on Fridays… You DO have a week, but it seems that the week flies by and there’s a bit of a scramble at the end to create some challuunge artwork.  So our end-of-May’s new year resolution is to give it some more time… breath a little… and have some fun!
Next week’s words will be:
Tentacle / Tarzan
Here are your submissions for this week’s words: Comet / Villain.  Don’t forget to vote!
Andrew Johanson:Andrew_Villian_Comet
Danny Devine:Danny_Villian_Comet
Dayan Paul:DayanPaul_Villian_comet
Wurm Deen:Wurm_Comet_Villian