Thursday, January 6, 2011

Switching Things Up!

It's a new year and I know that you all have some resolutions that require resoluting. So do we at R-WAC headquarters. Here’s what’s new.

- We are switching up the Random Words Art Challuunge. We are going from THREE random words to TWO random words a week. This should simplify each challuunge and hopefully increase participation and excitement.

–Today is the last day we’ll be voting on words. After the first week's submissions are posted the voting will shift to the artwork. That's right, you will now be voting on whose art is the most creative, cleverest, most colorful, most black and white, coolest, hottest or the best fit for the words. Whatever the reason, you will be picking a winner from each week's submissions. That winner will choose the next week's two words (anything goes). Kind of fun, eh?

So, hey... why not vote for next week's TWO words below!Voting ends tomorrow at 2pm... at which time we will reveal the winning words.