Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have you started on your Radioactive/Butterfly?


Have you started to think about your idea for Radioactive / Butterfly yet?  Will you take a photo?  Will you manipulate something in Photoshop?  Will you make a mashed potato sculpture ala “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”?  Are you going to mow your lawn into some shape or design?  What ever you decide to do, it’s due this Friday.  This is just a friendly reminder to start thinking about, and maybe even start working on, what you want to do for this week’s challuunge.  The picture above is what Google pulls up when you search in images.  What will yours be?  We can’t wait to see what your mind comes up with… 

STARTER IDEA OF THE DAY: Have you always wanted to manipulate photos like the pros but don’t have Photoshop handy? Would you like to use a free online program to see if you REALLY like it?  Well good news for you: is a free online photo editor.  You may just find that you like to manipulate photos so much that you have to get Photoshop right away.  You never know?  Give it a shot.  We’ll see you all this Friday for the art work submissions and the voting.